How it works

Passive Investment Opportunity with Professionally Managed Walnut Farmland. Join our pool investors and acquire a part in the future of Georgia’s most prolific walnut farming operation. With us, anyone can start making money with farming.

Managed Walnut Farmland

99 Year registered lease

285 trees per hectare

 1% turnover taxation
with Georgian small business structure

Directly own of a hectare of farmland integrated in our large scale walnut orchard. We register the land on your name and manage it from the planting to the harvest.

This investment method grants you a direct title to the land and the ability to profit from a valuable piece of land for generation to come while benefiting from Georgia’s favourable small entrepreneur regime and only pay 1% of taxes.

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Royalty Units

30 Year Royalty Contract

0.1% of gross revenue per unit

70 ha plantation

0 extra costs in the future

Royalties are a revenue based financing vehicle that gives you interest based on the gross revenue of our primary orchard. Every unit is linked to a fixed 0.1% of gross revenue. The orchard was planted in 2017 and 2018 respectively and will thus enter into production earlier.

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Boutique Solutions

We are managing several privately owned orchards. If you are a large scale individual investor, family office or corporate investor, please feel free to get in touch with us for a custom project offer.