According to the US Department of Agriculture more than 97% of US Farmland is privately owned. Most of it is operated by its principal owner, making the sector largely inaccessible for retail investors. Since 2017, WALNUTS.GE has developed its walnut plantation in Kakheti, Georgia.
We offer solutions that enable investors to profit from the leverage of large-scale farming operations.

Inflation Resilient

Productive farmland has proven to be one of the most reliable forms of investment. It is a wealth preserving asset while simultaneously providing steady yields to its owner.

High Yields

The tree nut market and particularly as part of the agricultural sector in Georgia have huge growth potential. Our solutions are long-term offering high rewards to the patient investor.

100% Passive Income

Everyone can become an owner of productive farmland. Our solutions are fully serviced and cost-effective. The clear cost breakdown allows investors to manage their risks easily until the first harvest sets in.

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We offer sophisticated individual to own productive farmland and gain direct exposure to a continous stream of passive income.

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Investing in managed farmland

WALNUTS.GE seeks to bridge the gap between sophisticated individuals interested in ownership of high-yielding farmland and the economy of scale of today’s large-scale operations.

As an investor, you own your private plot that is fully serviced by us. There is no deep knowledge required to become a farmer and be part of one of Georgia’s most sophisticated farming operations.

Benefits of investing into managed farmland:

  • inflation resilient investment

  • high appreciation rate through land-reclamation

  • high yields

  • simple corporate structures

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Investing in walnuts

Over the last decade global nut consumption has increased by more than 50%. It is forecasted to grow at an CAGR of 3.1% of the next decade, as people in the developing world enter the middle class, and people in the developed world seek healthy protein alternatives.

Nuts are classified as HVP (high value crop). They are capital intensive, yet one of the highest returning crops in the agricultural sector.

Benefits of growing Walnuts:

  • Healthy crop with continuous demand growth

  • wide range of application

  • selective growth conditions curb supply

  • extremely long shelf-life

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Investing in the Republic of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia lies in the Caucasus at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. It has historically been a focal point of trade between Europe and Asia.

The Georgian economic and judicial system has undergone significant changes over the last 15 years, which has earned the country worldwide respect as one of the most efficient economies to run a business. It offers one of the most efficient onshore tax system and a reliable judicial system for investors.

The Georgian geographical and climate conditions are ideal for growing walnuts. Meanwhile, the cost of agricultural land is only a fraction of prices in the developed world. While farmers in the developed world struggle with high taxes and cost of business, Georgian farmers can profit from low land prices, tax incentives and labour costs.

Key facts about Georgia:

Economic Freedom Index Rank 16 in 2018

Ease of Doing Business Number 6 in 2019

  • 15% Corporate Tax for Ltd or 1% Revenue Tax for Small Business (up to 170 000 USD)

  • 0% VAT on agricultural products

  • EU DCFTA Agreement for duty free export of produce

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Sustainable Investment

Profitability meets Sustainability – The advance of technology has offered investors a sheer number of investment options. Yet, we believe investment should not only focus on maximizing profit but providing a sustainable future for generations to come.

By investing in WALNUTS.GE you help

  • To use modern technology in order tomaximize output on organic matter and minimize waste

  • To plant thousands of trees and rebalance global CO2 production

  • To produce energy efficient and rich sources of protein and fat

  • To pay fair wages and develop structurally weak areas of the world

  • To support capital efficient solutions from retail investor to producer to consumer

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