General Questions

Why should I invest into the Republic of Georgia?

Georgia offers a safe investment environment, that protects foreign investors’ rights as many developed countries. Corruption is virtually non-existent. At the same time, the cost basis is among the lowest across all Europe. Land prices are ~10% of lands in Western Europe, while the quality of the soil is unmatched.

Georgian Small Entrepreneurs only pay 1% in REvenue tax for the first 150 000€

Why invest in walnuts?

Walnuts are one of the healthiest sources of protein and fat in the world. The have wide applications in foods, healthcare and cosmetics. And, as the world population grows exponentially, the demand for high quality food surges. By 2050, we will need 80% more food production, the UN estimates.

Should I invest into Royalties or managed farmland?

Both investment options have their advantages and disadvantages. Being a OTC contractual agreement, the royalty investment may offer a private and simple opportunity to receive payouts. Also, the small initial investment makes it more accessible for investors.

Managed farmland offers investors more flexibility in terms of what to do with the land, since he is the factual owner. It also opens up opportunities to generate other income sources, ie the use the land for sheeps once the trees are fully grown or sell the wood once the trees become unproductive.

Can I resell my title?

Yes, you can resell your managed farmland. Please contact us and we will help you to find an interested buyer for your land. The title to the Royalty Unit is transferable at any time.

Can I visit the premises?

Yes, please contact us ahead to arrange a visit of the plantation.

Managed Farmland

Is it possible to buy a land title as a group of investors?

Yes, it is possible to buy the land as a group, for example by forming a Georgia Ltd that purchases the land. Please not though, that in that case we cannot take advantage of the Small Business Structure.

Is the walnut investment inheritable?

Yes, both royalty rights as well as the land title is fully inheritable.

What is the Option Right?

The Option right gives the investor the right to transfer his long-term lease into a freehold, should the laws of Georgia permit this.
As of 2017, Georgia has forbidden freehold ownership of agricultural land by foreigners. However, in 2019 a new law was passed that again opens the window for foreign ownership.
We are currently in talks with the Ministry of Agriculture in order to receive a special permit for our investors.

Can I buy insurance for my land?

We are currently negotiating an option to insure the crop with a local insurance broker

Royalty Units

What happens after the expiry of the Royalty in 30 years?

Once the 30 years are complete in 2048, the Royalty claim expires and the production goes back fully into the hands of the owner.

Do we get royalties for all of WALNUTS.GE’s crop?

No, the Royalties are limited to 8400 trees of the 2018 plantation and 7000 trees of the 2019 plantation.

How do we assure that WALNUTS.GE pays royalties on all of their revenue?

The Royalty holders can select an ombudsman, that has the right to supervise the harvest on the plantation. 

How do we select the Ombudsman?

The ombudsman is select by a voting mechanism from the group of investors.